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Vast stock of classic military guns

If you're a collector of classic military guns, Carson Arms is the store you need to visit. You'll find firearms from the 1800s all the way to the current era.

•  M-1 Garand

•  Springfield

•  Mauser

•  Nagant

•  Colt .45

•  Walther

•  Makarov

Multiple timeless firearms

With so many kinds of war-era guns in circulation, we're able to maintain a constantly revolving inventory.


We travel to countless gun auctions throughout the Midwest United States to purchase these classic military firearms and bring them back to the store for you.

Constantly revolving inventory

Call now for a FREE firearm appraisal.


Make a trip to one of

the largest war-era gun shops in Terre Haute and the Greater Wabash Valley area.

06-Shotgun garand